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United States
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ignore the title haha.  i should start updating this more often.  i just feel weird updating it without much to update about.  i still suck at uploading regularly too haha.  but hey.. at least my skills are improving.  the aquaman that i posted still isn't finished.  i haven't gone back to it much.  i kind of stare at it... then go.. "i'll finish this at some point."  then start drawing something else.  on a good note though... things are clicking a lot more with me in regards to drawing.  everything i feel flows more naturally and i'm not stuck haven't to think about anatomy almost at all.  i can kind of just draw whatever i want for the most part, so that's good.  that really helps with nailing the look that i want for my overall style.  i think everyone has an idea of what they want their art to look like.. and as you improve you get closer and closer to how you see things in your mind's eye.  

aside from drawing.. my friends and i have started playing this card game called Munchkin.  it's basically rpg uno.  you can have races and classes... equipment and whatnot.  if you draw a monster from the deck.. you can fight it if you're strong enough.  if you aren't... another player can help you fight it... however.. they can also fuck you over entirely and make the monster stronger if they have the right cards.  we've had a lot of fun playing it and gotten a little addicted to it.  we play it pretty much every time we hang out now.  

i also just finished rewatching gurren lagann.  GOD... that series, it's going to be hard for another series to come along and bump it from the pedestal.  that show just had everything i ever wanted out of an anime.  i don't really like a lot of anime in general, especially lately where it seems all anime is doing is fan service.  i just see girls in school girl uniforms over and over.  so, i only watch the ones i know are REALLY good.  gurren lagann i think did something i haven't seen from a lot of anime.  at least.. not to this extent.  the main character grows exponentially from when you first see him throughout the series. *SPOILERS* for some of you who haven't seen it yet.  look, kamina's great.. i loved that guy.. his attitude toward everything and how he approached things was hilarious, but kind of inspiring at the same time.  but his death was completely necessary.  he even said it himself in one of the episodes... he spoke about how simon was constantly saving his ass and how great he would become.  kamina's death forces simon to grow and realize his potential.  he grows to become even greater than kamina.  in a way kamina knew simon's place in the world and how important he was in the grand scheme of things.  it's just a brilliant story and everything makes sense.  and even when it doesn't make sense, you kind of just go whatever and accept it because it doesn't alter the point the show is trying to make or the plot in any way. *END SPOILERS* i feel like a lot of anime has this.. "what the fuck is happening" thing going on.  sure gurren lagann is kind of whacky and out there.. but it's still pretty easy to follow.  the entire story revolves around persevering making it extremely relatable.  throw in the best mech design ever(it has sunglasses.. COME ON), gorgeous animation, great characters, and the fact that it has an ending(only 27 episodes.. i enjoy shorter series like these), like i said... i don't think i'll ever love an anime more than gurren lagann.  i also rewatched cowboy bebop and outlaw star over the past month or so.. gonna go through samurai champloo again soon.  

a few months ago i also burned through all of the 2005 doctor who seasons.  i had always been meaning to watch it.. but for whatever reason hadn't.  i watched the first season like 2 years ago.. then just.. didn't get back to it.  no clue why i didn't.  so i finally got back to it a short while back and couldn't stop watching it.  i understand now why it's so popular.. and why david tennant is a lot of people's favorite doctor.  that guy played the hell out of that part.  can't wait for season 7 to start this weekend.  

anyway... as is tradition i think.. another crazy long journal.  i'll try and upload more often(i'm pretty sure i always say that).  i hope you all are well and constantly learning and improving your crafts whatever they may be.  thanks to everyone that faved my stuff recently and thanks to the new watchers :)
  • Listening to: celine dion - the power of love.YEAH.. WHAT OF IT?
  • Reading: aquaman 12
  • Watching: about to start up ep 1 of champloo
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: raspberry iced tea

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